Hey Christy, it’s Angela ever do a 50th Birthday Photo Shoot? I’m turning 50 on October 27th and rather than a party I was thinking about hiring you to do photos instead .. Thoughts?

I remember seeing that message from an old friend from high school and going, wow first no way is she turning 50 and  second no but I’d love to! It’s funny, but when you run into a friend from highschool that you haven’t seen in years, you really have them locked in at the age of 15 in your mind. 🙂 So to think, wow, 50. It doesn’t seem possible. As luck would have it I was actually open on her birthday so we secured that day and time with her deposit.

So, once we had the formalities done it was time to ask the questions about the photos because face it folks, 50 is a big milestone especially for a woman. I usually send clients a questionnaire to get a better feel for who they are and after reading Angela’s answer I’d like to share her story. (Of course she has given me permission to share her story as she was very up front and personal with me)

Angela’s story was that she been bullied really bad growing up and never felt comfortable in her own skin let alone in front of the camera. The stories that she shared with me, honestly made me want to cry. It was one of those moments as I was reading what she wrote that I wished that I could go back in time, to Lyman Hall High Schools Creative Writing Class and walk into that class and gave her a big hug. I never knew that she had these challenges and it honestly broke my heart to hear. As an adult and a mom, the biggest thing that I stress with my boys, is BE KIND. and I knew at that moment, that this session was much more than a photo session for her. This session was going to be a “rebirth” in a way. A session that she was finally going to be able to be who she was and to let go of her past. I knew she had a lot of self doubts about herself, but I also knew that it was going to be amazing! I knew that it was my time to not only tell her she really is beautiful inside and out but to show her! And yes, that this is a birthday that is worth celebrating! I flat out told her to trust me. I assured her that we were going to have a blast and hopefully she’d inspire others to step outside your comfort level and do something for YOU! Since she didn’t know exactly what she wanted and couldn’t find ideas she liked on Pinterest I asked her to send me a photo of her outfits. I told her that after talking with her, the mood I was going with would be fun and classy, elegant yet simple. I told her we want photos that your children will be proud to display and realize the courage you took to to step outside the comfort zone.

Angela sent over a photo of her dress and high heels with a note saying she’d never actually worn them but was in love with them so she bought them. Ladies, how many of us have done the same. We see something we love and know that that is it. That is the outfit! She also sent over a 1972 T shirt she wanted to wear with her favorite jeans and sandals. I also asked her if there was anything else that she wanted to incorporate into the session, something that is meaningful to her. A hobby, a sentimental item, etc. Right away she said, MY BATON. I have been twirling my baton since I was a little girl and it is what helps calm the nerves and works as a stress relief.

When I saw the dress I knew right then the location for her was at Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown. The elegant mansion, amazing grounds paired with that dress was going to make her session and my vision come to life! I’m a photographer that likes to use props and together we decided on balloons, a cake and wine.

Angela is very girlie girl, and loves PINK. Love that these amazing hydrangeas were the perfect compliment to her outfit!

I love posed moments, but I also love the candid moments. Sometimes I like the candid ones more. Those times are when they think you aren’t focusing on them and paying attention. It gives them time to relax a little. I know that this session she was nervous about being the center of attention, so I took a moment to “adjust my lens” A moment that she didn’t know that I was up at a different angle capturing her twirling her baton. But as you can see by the second photo, she caught me. LOL .

Just doing her thing…

She discovered me up on the roof.. (Yes I said roof, anything for the shot!)

Mother Nature wasnt being too kind that day. It was as Winnie the pooh would say, A blustery day. Thank goodness she had her hair and makeup done and plenty of hair spray!! Windy and balloons. Not the best combo… HUMMMM This was when you just go for it and hope for the best. A little tip..stepping on the ribbons looks cute and keeps them in place.

I knew Angela wanted to showcase that dress and heels as that is what inspired her 50th birthday milestone session with me!

Calvin Klein Ad perhaps?

Finally it was time time to wrap it up with a smash cake.. in the dress of course.. 

sometimes things dont goes as it was planned ..

I always like to wrap up the session with a last look…

I had such a blast doing this session for Angela as it is important to celebrate our own milestones as well. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, or just a session for YOU. I know that she felt beautiful that day and started her 50th year, empowered and happy. Like a phoenix she emerged from the shadows …

Cheers to 50 years Angela! ( even though you don’t look a day over 30!) Thank you for trusting me and bringing your vision to life. If you want to see more from Angelas session click here: https://christymitchell.smugmug.com/CMP-2022/Ang-P-Proof-Gallery-/n-Mq3Q3N



  1. Kimberly Hardy says:

    I love all of these photos! Angela IS beautiful! I’m so glad you were able to show her her beauty inside and out with your camera. I wish I could go back to her at Lyman hall and give her a hug too! I will be turning 50 this March as well. Maybe it’s time the Hardy’s schedule our second session with you! I truly enjoy your posts!

    Wishing you the best ,

    Kim Hardy

    • Angela Pecoraro says:

      Thank so much Kim for the kind words. I so encourage you to do the photos in whatever way says this is me and I’m going to celebrate that was born today. I pretty much just showed up and went ok, tell me what we’re doing.. see the proofs for my laughs, eye rolls and glares at people watching going she’s not really 50.. um, yep .. as if they never saw someone at noon time drinking wine and smashing a cake and eating it with a wooden spoon..
      I look forward to seeing your photos..

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