Meet Miss Everleigh! 2 years and as cute as can be!

A children’s photo session for a 2-year-old typically involves capturing beautiful and memorable photographs of the child. CMP overs a full session either in studio or on location as well as mini milestone studio sessions. Did you ever wonder what really goes on at a session?

Here’s what typically happens during such a session:

  1. Planning and Preparation: The parents or guardians usually contact me to discuss the details of the photo session. They may select a theme, location, or props to be used during the session.
  2. Arrival and Introduction: On the day of the photo session, the child and their family will arrive at the designated location. I will greet them and introduce themselves to the child, allowing them to feel comfortable and build a rapport. So many of my families are repeat clients, so their littles are already familiar and comfortable with me.
  3. Getting Acquainted: I will spend some time interacting with the child, and establishing a connection to make them feel at ease. This helps in capturing natural and candid expressions.
  4. Capturing Different Poses and Expressions: I will use various techniques to capture a range of poses and expressions from the child. They may use toys, props, or simple instructions to engage the child and encourage them to look at the camera or interact with their surroundings. I love props especially for the little ones!
  5. Playful Activities: To keep the child engaged and entertained, I may incorporate playfulness into the session. This could involve games, bubbles, music, or other age-appropriate activities to bring out the child’s genuine emotions and create lively photographs.
  6. Outdoor Exploration: If the session takes place outdoors, I may guide the child and their family to different locations within the chosen setting. This allows for a variety of backgrounds and scenery, adding depth and interest to the photographs.
  7. Patience and Flexibility: Photographing young children requires patience and flexibility. I understand that toddlers have their own agenda and may not always cooperate. They are prepared to adapt to the child’s mood and needs, taking breaks when necessary. Sometimes the best photos are the candid ones too.
  8. Family Participation: Depending on the preference of the parents or guardians, I may also include family members in the photos. This could involve sibling shots, parent-child interactions, or capturing moments of the entire family together.
  9. Duration: A children’s photo session for a 2-year-old typically lasts around 1 hour, considering the attention span and energy levels of young children. This timeframe allows for breaks, outfit changes, and capturing a variety of shots. A mini session is about 20 minutes.
  10. Image Selection and Delivery: After the photo session, I will go through the captured images, select the best shots, and put them in a proof gallery for you to review and choose your favorites.

Remember, each photographer may have their own approach and style, so it’s important to discuss the specific details and expectations with your chosen photographer prior to the session to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

Lets meet Everleigh! THIS IS 2! I meet Everleigh and her parents at her newborn session and have the pleasure of seeing them each year for milestone photos. When mom contacted me, she wanted a LOVE YOU TWO THE MOON theme…. and I think it was perfect for this sweet girl!

As you can see we had a lot of fun with Miss Everleigh at her milestone photo session. Mom even popped in a photo with her girl. I always like to photograph moms with their littles as I know, we are the ones always taking the photos and not in them!

We danced at her photo session… Baby shark is a favorite for the little ones…

Thank you again , Miss Everleigh for having your mom & dad choose me to capture your 2nd birthday milestone. I hope you had as much fun as I did! You have such a fun bubbly personality and it was so fun photographing you at your photo session. I am a photographer, located in Wallingford, CT that specializes in newborn, children, family & senior portraiture. Contact me for your next photo session. Let me capture your most precious moments!

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