Bryan contacted me a little while ago to see about hiring me to capture his proposal to his girlfriend of 3 years Liv. He said that she loved Hammonasett Beach in Madison, CT and that he wanted to proposal on May 6th. Perfect. The beach is always a beautiful spot for a photo session , and I was available the afternoon of May 6th. So then the planning began…. We talked about how he was going to get her to the beach and how we were going to pull off this surprise proposal photo session. I suggested that we just say its a photo session and then go from there. He said, nope, that idea wont work as a friend of hers that recently got engaged, that was the ruse they used. So onto PLAN B.

Plan B: Involved: Ashlee & Mike , Brian & Tate. I set up a session at Hammonasett Beach at Meigs Point with Ashlee & Mike who I was doing their Engagement photo session that day as well. The actual proposal was going to take place at the foot of the jetty , so I needed my husband Brian there to make sure that no one went on or off the jetty so to interfere with any photos, and my son Tate, was on video duty but set up away from us so it wasn’t obvious… The plan was that Bryan & Liv would be taking a picnic lunch on the beach and he would be carrying his red cooler. I told him I would have my red wagon and huge reflectors. (as luck would have it there was also another photographer there that day with a red wagon so I quickly had to text him as to where I was exactly and disregard the other )

So what was the plan? I was photographing the other couple and would stop Bryan & Liv and ask if they could please hold the reflector for me as my assistant called out sick for the day. Then as a thank you to Bryan & Liv for holding reflectors, I would offer to take a complimentary photo of them as a little token of my appreciation.

Bryan & Viv taking a photo for helping me..Arent they just so cute?!

She has no idea that in a moment, she is going to get the biggest surprise ever!

Bryan and I had it all worked out that my cue would be” The light is perfect today” and that was when he would go down on one knee to ask Liv to be his bride.

What a beautiful moment to be a part of!

This was the moment when we told her that we were all in on the proposal! 🙂

Now that the proposal happened, we were going to do some engagement photos…

It really was the perfect day , but Bryan had more surprises up his sleeve for Liv! Little did she know, but his parents had flown up from Florida and her family was there in the pavilion watching it all happen!

So the proposal session now was a family photo session as well! The family was so excited for them both and again what a fun moment to be a part of.

We ended our photo session with Bryan & Liv, down by the water…

Thank you Bryan for choosing me to capture this most special time for you and Liv! Wishing you all the best as you begin this new chapter in your lives! Congratulations !!

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