When Breanna reached out to me asking if I would do a generation family photo for her family, I immediately said YES! A few months prior I had meet Breanna for her daughter Layla’s newborn session, so I knew going into the session that the family would be just as sweet as she was! I wasn’t wrong. Now, I normally don’t take my show on the road to do studio type sessions in home, BUT when GREAT, GREAT Grandmother is 102. WELL, exceptions are made! We talked prior to the session and Great Great Grandma, (Miss Mary) was planning on wearing white so the family was going to take her lead. With the session, I knew the look I was going for for them was clean & timeless, so I wanted to go with a Bone colored backdrop , plain, clean, simple so the emphasis of the photo session was on the family. As I mentioned before, I don’t usually take my photo studio sessions on the road, so all I had in my studio was a huge 107 foot roll of the paper…… so ok, that was going to have to work. Thank goodness I have an Explorer and it fits the full length of the car nicely.


When I got to the house, I meet Mary. Mary who is 102 years young was just an amazing person. She has the most beautiful smile and expression that makes you just want to talk to her. She was smart and funny. (Me I was nervous I was going to take someone out with that huge roll of paper trying to find a good spot to set up for the photo session!) We all chatted as I set up and brought a studio to their living room. First up was this beautiful woman. Gosh 102! I asked her what her secret was. Look at her, so beautiful! She said “There really is no 1 thing, it’s a little of everything.” I Seriously was hoping that she would have said, Eat Chocolate every day… ha and that would have been my justification. In all seriousness though, what an amazing person. When you think of all that she has seen and done over the years. It is just incredible. She talked a little about WWII. She said that during that time she worked down in New Haven, typing reports for the officers. We talked about cars.. To think that back in the 1920’s the Model T fords were popular… and now we have electric cars. I mean granted she was a baby / toddler in the beginning of the 20’s, but to be a part of that history is something else.

So now let’s add to the Family photo generational session. Meet Mary & her daughter, Barbara. (Great, Great Grandma & Great Grandma) Like Mother, Like Daughter don’t you think? They both have that same beautiful smile.

Next up meet Breanna & Lauren. (Daughter & Grandma) Seriously some great genes in this family. And again, those smiles are all the same from Mary!

And here is the little lady , Miss Layla that completes this 5th generation! As you can see she is loved beyond measure by everyone!

Im sure you can tell by the photos, that this family is LOVE. They are each others best friends and so very close. Maybe that is the secret to Marys longevity. This smart, sassy woman is full of life and love and just a very happy pleasant kind person. They are a close loving family and you can clearly see that through these photographs. Thank you to the Jooss Family for having me capture this special time for you and your family! It was truly an honor for me to capture this beautiful milestone for you all. xo

Life is beautiful! Count your blessings and let me capture them! If you are interested in having a family photo session I would love to capture the love that you have for your family. I am a portrait photographer, located in Wallingford, who specializes in Newborn, Children, Family & Senior Photography. If you are interested in a session, please contact me at:

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